Kid Trax Land Rover Defender Motor Swap

What do you do when your kid outgrown a kiddie ride like, say, a Kid Trax Land Rover Defender? Or perhaps, you just want the Kid Trax Land Rover Defender for yourself, but its way under powered? Well, you can do what Hessick Moto did: pack it with a 525cc KTM dirt bike motor.

YouTuber Hessick Moto just love to build things out of other things and 525cc Land Rover Defender is his latest work of art. That, btw, is a kiddie ride, or was a kiddie ride. However, it is by no means, a simple motor swap.

Kid Trax Land Rover Defender Motor Swap

A new chassis was built for it, complete with independent suspension all-round from a donor Polaris Outlaw 525IRS quad bike. The result is a beautiful mini Land Rover Defender that is wheelie-happy.

So, yeah, it is not 4WD, unfortunately, but the wheelie does look like super fun. Finally, this little guy gets the off-road power it deserves. It will not just make grown ups smiles, but I am sure kids will appreciate a kiddie ride with REAL power.

Love the details that went into the build too, including a tow hook and, checkered steel plate cladding, and an extra, functional gas can.

Skip ahead to see the build progress photos and the 525cc Land Rover Defender in action. Before you go, you may want to check another Hessick Moto awesome motor swap build of a Power Wheels Porsche 911 GT3 HERE. The caricature look motor swapped 911 GT3 is absolutely dope!

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Images: YouTube (Hessick Moto).