Guy Collaborates With Sugru To Create Super Cool Water Gatling Gun

if you have been following this blog, chances are you have read about Sugru, a super flexible compound that lets mend and make virtually anything you can think of. well, you probably already know that, don’t you? but what you didn’t know is, it was also part of material that made up this awesome water […]

Surprise! Your Favorite LEGO Minifig Could Be A Cable Holder Too

surprise. surprise. for geeks out there who also happens to love LEGO: do you know that LEGO minifigures hands are also a prefect holder for your Apple Lightning cable and other types of cables? amazing, but true. we just tried it ourselves and for a moment, little Han Solo was holding one of our many […]

Sugru Flexible Compound

you know how flimsy the original Apple USB cables are, especially at the joint portions. you can save yourself a few quids by wrapping the frail parts with Sugru Flexible Compound, otherwise known as self-setting rubber. the Sugru is like a cross between a Sellotape and Blu-Tack – out of the pack, it has properties like the modeling clay