you will definitely not see the Bentley Continental GT3 Race Car in your local dealers’ showrooms – on the track, specifically in the next year’s FIA Blancpain Series, yes, but never on the street or your neighbor’s garage, however rich they are. though, the GT3 Race Car is a step up (or many step up?) from the original Continental GT3 Concept Racer unveiled at the Paris Auto Salon last September, it is still going through the developmental track work to further refine the car’s capabilities before competing in the said race next year. in the mean time, Bentley has officially roll the GT3 into the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed today and it will be making its official running debut on the famous GoodWood Festival of Speed Hillclimb from July 12-14 with Bentley Boy and 2003 Le Mans champion, Guy Smith behind the wheel.

the Bentley Continental GT3 Race Car is the British automaker effort in exploring the extreme potential of the brand’s iconic Grand Tourer, the Continental GT, but obviously, this ain’t your “regular” Continental GT – over a ton in weight has been shed for this race spec-ed Continental and it is powered by a race-prepped, dry-sump version of the marque’s 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo engine producing a derestricted 600 bhp via a motorsport engine management system. no torque figure where given, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it had 1,000 Nm on the fly. some of the highlights include Xtrac six-speed sequential transaxle gearbox with limited slip differential, pneumatic gear shift system, paddle shifter, carbon fiber propshaft, double wishbone suspension setup with four-way adjustable racing dampers, hydraulic power-assisted steering, Brembo brake calipers (6-pod front; 4-pod rear) matched to ventilated iron rotors, driver-adjustable brake bias, 18″ OZ Racing wheels shod in 310/710 R18 rubbers, a carbon fiber body along with carbon fiber front splitter and rear wing, lightweight and aerodynamically-optimized aero parts (bumpers, bonnet and all), and a host of mandatory FIA-spec-ed items including steel roll cage, Sparco six-point safety harness, and racing fuel cell.

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even in its race form, the GT3 is still very much a handcrafted Bentley, with the steering wheel, door pulls and seat all trimmed and stitched by the hands of the skilled craftspeople at the Bentley Crewe manufactory. the Bentley Continental GT3 Race Car is developed in partnership with M-Sport Ltd, a long running firm that’s responsible for a series of successful campaigns in the Rally arena, include two FIA World Rally Championships wins in 2006 and 2007. hit past the jump for a gallery of awesome GT3 Race Car images, or hit up the link HERE to learn more about the GT3 Race Car.

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