Sleep monitor is not new, but have heard of meditation monitor? Yep, apparently, it is a thing. Oura, the company behind the ring form sleep monitor has just introduced a new meditation feature called Oura Moment. Oura Moment offers on-demand meditation tracking. It does so by measuring resting heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) which are data points correlating to stress and heart health. With Oura Moment, you will be able to track how meditation affects stress levels, sleep and your overall health. Here are the key details of Moment:

• Moment quantifies mindful moments and meditation practices to illustrate the link between mind and body like never before
• HRV data encourages users to self-study how different meditation sessions affect them physiologically, leading to an optimized routine
• Users experiment with their practice to see how choices like increasing or decreasing time spent meditating effects resting heart rate and heart rate variability
• Moment was designed to be versatile because mindfulness is personal — there is no right or wrong way to take a breather
• No prescriptive programs or must-follow instructions; can be used with the user’s favorite guided meditation app or video, or to develop a freeform practice

Oura Ring Introduces New Meditation Feature

So, yeah, the tiny wearable that monitors your sleep quality will also help you understand the connection between body and mind. Crazy, huh? In case you are lost, Oura Ring is already a thing. It can be acquired from Oura website, for $299 and up.

Oura Ring Introduces New Meditation Feature
Oura Ring Introduces New Meditation Feature

All images courtesy of Oura.

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