Ford has a vision for commercial package delivery and it is by the way of these: self-driving vehicle and a biped robot called Digit. Now, we shall dispense with the self-driving vehicle part because, it is not really groundbreaking (even though it has yet to be a norm). The America automaker has partnered with Agility Robots, the company behind the torso-less biped robot that is designed with package delivery in mind, to delivery packages to your door step.

Ford Digit Biped Delivery Robot

Forget about drone delivery, folks, this is I, Robot for real. Digit here is not as human as the fictional FedEx robot from Alex Proyas’ sci-fi thriller, but it shows us that the future could be a reality. Here’s what is going to happen: a self-driving vehicle navigates to the location where the package needs to be delivered, deploys Digit from the back the van who then proceed to pick up the package and then stroll (with the package, of course) to the front porch to make the delivery.

Digit has computers and sensors to allow it to go where humans can go, and while avoiding obstacles if it stumbles upon any. Also, Digit is foldable, allowing it to be stuffed inside the van without taking whole lot of footprint. Nothing says what this whole self-driving van and biped robot delivery concept can do then the video you can find embedded below.

All images courtesy of Ford Motor Co..

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