Researchers Taught Bipedal Robot To Travel On Hovershoes

If history has taught us anything about locomotive is that bipedal is the most versatile form of locomotive for going places. With this in mind, it is only logical that mankind would develop robots that mimic our legs so it (a robot) could go where humans go. However, it is not without its caveat. Like […]

Ford Thinks The Future Of Delivery Is Self-Driving Vehicle And Biped Robot

Ford has a vision for commercial package delivery and it is by the way of these: self-driving vehicle and a biped robot called Digit. Now, we shall dispense with the self-driving vehicle part because, it is not really groundbreaking (even though it has yet to be a norm). The America automaker has partnered with Agility […]

Cassie Is A Torso-less Robot That May One Day Deliver Packages To You

Wheels and tracks are easiest to get a robot going, but those mobility solutions have their limitations, and to mention, does not satisfy our sci-fi fantasy. If we expect robots to traverse across a variety of terrains like humans do, then bipedal is the way to go. There’s no doubt about it. Armed with this […]