Eight Sleep Pod Pro High-tech Bed

In then movie The Island, Lincoln Six-Echo (Ewan McGregor) had his pee immediately analyzed when he took a piss in the morning. The Pod Pro is not that, but I would think it is somewhere along the line.

Coming from “the world’s first sleep fitness company,” Eight Sleep, Pod Pro is super high-tech bed that provides you with personalized sleep experience for better health. So, how is it similar to the pee as it monitors your health.

Eight Sleep Pod Pro High-tech Bed

It has this “DualSense Technology and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Monitoring” that, using a bunch of sensors, to let you in on the impact of your sleep on your heart health and recovery. In addition, the bed will provide you with insight to your Resting Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Stages, as well as Sleep Time.

There are other sensors too, specifically ambient sensors that note the room temperature, humidity, and local weather and recommend adjustments to the bed temperature. Plus, the Comfort Blend Integrated Topper that delivers enhanced contouring and pressure-point relief.

Eight Sleep Pod Pro High-tech Bed

And oh, it is a giant-ass alarm too, afforded by Eight Sleep’s GentleRise Wake Up Technology. This first alarm of its kind uses gentle vibration at chest level to rouse you from sleep without audio. Prior to that, the bed gradually cools or warms minutes before the set wake-up time.

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If I can be completely honest, what the bed promised to offer and the technology it claims to possess really overwhelms me. Also overwhelming me is the price. Though far from the bar set by Hästens’ Grand Vividus mattress, the Eight Sleep Pod Pro is considerably a luxury item with a starting sticker of US$2,795.

But I guess if sleep is your top most priority in life, Pod Pro may just be a worthy investment – that’s if you believe in its tech.

Images: Eight Sleep.