How do an automobile design company learn about user experiences? Well, it can do focus group, get a prototype car out and find out from beta drivers, or get feed backs from test drivers. In the case of Pininfarina, however, it is banking on the AutonoMIA Responsive Driving Experience.

Pininfarina AutonoMIA Responsive Driving Experience

The Turin-based automotive design and engineering company is extending this car driving simulator-like machine to its customers to enable them to extract user experience data. Here’s how it works:

“AutonoMIA is an experience designed to adjust and respond to people and contexts of use, leveraging the different interface elements it builds on to create a multi-sensorial and responsive experience that creates magic, strong meaning and positive impact in and around the car. Among others, AutonoMIA revisits notably the function, position, individual and combined use of screens inside the car.”

Think of AutonoMIA as a user experience simulator, less so as a driving simulator. So, yeah, as much as we like it as a car driving simulator, the Pininfarina AutonoMIA Responsive Driving Experience is not it.

Images: Pininfarina.

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