Ghostbusters Proton Backpack Movie Prop Replica

Ghostbusters Proton Backpack Movie Prop Replica
(photos: Viking Props) Ghostbusters Proton Backpack Movie Prop Replica | US$850.00 |

remember the movie Ghostbusters? apart from the iconic Ecto-1 vehicle that the Ghostbusters used for their daily ghost-busting commute, the Proton Backpack (aka the ghost vacuum cleaner) is perhaps the most memorable equipment in the movie and probably the more practical props to collect if you are seeking collectibles for this movie. we don’t know if there’s any official props floating around as we never gotten around digging for one but this Ghostbusters Proton Backpack Movie Prop Replica by Viking Props here looks as good as the real deal, which should be a good enough reason for you to halt your search for the ultimate ghostbusters’ proton backpack. constructed from a combination of materials, including metal, wood, and plastic, this unit features a complement of toggle switches, a full replica of the A.L.I.C.E. pack frame, working lights, and is wearable just like the movie version. the decals and the weathered paint job give this proton pack an added authentic feel and makes it look like it has gone through some serious ghost-busting action. if you want one, then be prepared to shell out a good $850 for one and you better be quick, cos’ it looks like there is only one going around, well, at least for now. click through for a few more look.

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