3 Things About Super Mario Bros. Video Game

Since we at the topic of Mario (see previous post), we thought we’d bring up a few things about the original 1985 Super Mario Bros. video game on NES that you may not know.

3 Things About Super Mario Bros. Video Game

In the classic side scroller video game, Mario and Luigi appears to be hitting the suspended brick structures with their head to collect the coins. In reality, the characters are actually using their hand (or more like fist) to punch the structure.

Not going to lie. I always thought Mario head butted his way through the game. I only picked this way in my adulthood. Go ahead and laugh at me. I know I was silly to thing that (head butting) was the case.

The next two things were clever programming time-saver and possibly money saver, too.

The first was the cloud. If you observe the cloud closely, you will notice that it is the same graphic as the bushes on the ground, but in different colors Apparently, this was done to minimize the file size.

3 Things About Super Mario Bros. Video Game

While we are not clear on the exact amount of space the cartridge has, it was important to conserve space as a game cartridge may contain expanded RAM to boost the 2 kB onboard RAM of the console.

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The second time-saver (and money-saver) was the sound effect triggered when Mario consume the mushroom (and grew big in the process). If you listen carefully, it is actually the same as main soundtrack playback at 600 times faster. Clever. Very clever.

So, there you have it. The three trivia that may not know about this classic and super iconic video game. Do you know more? If you do, do share it with us in the comment section below.

Images: YouTube (Pii89).