Not Having A Lightsaber As The Light Pen In Pictionary Air Star Wars Edition Is A Missed Opportunity

Remember the Pictionary Air first introduced in 2019? We recently come across a Star Wars edition. The Pictionary Air Star Wars Family Game, as it is called, it is not just borrowing the sci-fi franchise name and slapping on R2-D2-themed on the light pen. The game has been reworked to incorporate the Star Wars elements.

Pictionary Goes High-tech, Makes You Draw In The Air With ‘Light Pen’

Is drawing on papers proved to be little to no challenge for you in a game of Pictionary? Well, if that is so, this new modernized Pictionary edition should be right up your alley. Mattel announced a new Pictionary with a high-tech twist called Pictionary Air. Seriously, the product name couldn’t be more literal. Pictionary …