Is drawing on papers proved to be little to no challenge for you in a game of Pictionary? Well, if that is so, this new modernized Pictionary edition should be right up your alley. Mattel announced a new Pictionary with a high-tech twist called Pictionary Air. Seriously, the product name couldn’t be more literal. Pictionary Air is the classic charades-style word-guessing drawing game (kind of like Win, Lose, or Draw), but instead of doodling on a piece of paper, you will need to draw, in the air, with a ‘light pen’. If you ever tried light painting, you will know how hard it is.

Drawing without able to see the preceding lines are freaking challenging and so, you can imagine how hard it would be for both the doodler and the participants to get it right. I guess this kind of puts those with the flair for doodling and those who are not on equal playing ground. Anyways, there’s no traditional pen or paper in the Pictionary Air. You are expected to draw an invisible picture of whatever that you need to convey as with a special, oversized pen and your teammates will be able to guess what your sketchy artwork is, in real-time, via a smartphone, or tablet.

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The air doodle, as we call it, can also be viewed in real-time on a TV, but you will need Chromecast or AirPlay to make that happen. Not unlike pen and paper, the doodles done can be saved as videos for future reminisce, but unlike pen and paper, you will be able to share the doodles on social media platforms. Mattel Pictionary Air, which costs 20 bucks a pop, is expected to be available first at Target starting June 01, 2019, after which it will be offered by other retailers from July 01, 2019.

You can see how Pictionary Air plays out in the hands-on video by CNET below.

Images: Mattel.

Source: PetaPixel.

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