the Arduino-powered LEGO Technic RC Car is where your love for LEGO and RC cars come together, but in a way that will get you a little more involved then just opening the box and assembling the various bricks and technic parts together. drawing its inspiration from another fellow contributor ‘sath02’, this dragster-like vehicle combines two sets of LEGO Technic sets, Dune Duster (#8207) and Power Pack (#8720), and has a Arduino UNO R3 as its ‘brain’, while a XBee wireless control undertakes the remote control duty. so, no. this is not something you can buy off the rack; it is an instructables project by contributor ‘nfrith’ that goes beyond your usual Technic RC knowledge and dive into the wonderful world of Arduino and stuff to get it going.

also, it is not just another instruction for a DIY custom LEGO because the author does not spoon feed you with step-by-step instruction. instead, all he has to offer are a list of parts required, insight into the “key challenges” and the respective solutions, and the rest is up to your creativity and imagination. needless to say, some knowledge for coding in setting up the Arduino forms part of the requisite. though, the author has included his set of code to get your started with. if you are ready to put together your own Arduino-powered LEGO Technic RC Car, then hit up nfrith’s instructables page to learn more. another look at this awesome creation below and make sure you check out this page to see the Arduino-powered LEGO Technic RC Car in action.

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Arduino-powered LEGO Technic RC Car

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