No ambitious parents would want their children to grow up having a career as an excavator operator. That is probably why you are where you are today. But the inner desire to commandeer this versatile construction equipment has not been extinguished even you are heading a major corporation. And what do you do?

Excavator Simulator Video Game

Well, this is where Excavator Simulator aims to satisfy your burning desire without sacrificing your five-figure a month paycheck. Developed by Uni Games Studio and published by Sun Dust, the Excavator Simulator lets you swap your pen and office desk for a super cool excavator and putting your skill and dexterity to the test.

The game promised realistic operation, detailed mechanics and offers a selection of excavator models to choose from. So hop into the “house” and wield the hydraulic boom and carry out operations like digging trenches, moving, transporting and placing objects, distributing material, loading and unloading objects and materials, working on and moving over difficult terrains, and break something using every-other-people-other-than the excavator driver most hated attachment: hydraulic breaker.

Excavator Simulator Video Game

From the video posted on Steam, it does not appear to be a very polished game. We saw construction workers in the scenes, but they appear to be static. It also does appear to have real-life brands like the Lawn Mowing Simulator has which is a major boost for excavator enthusiasts who will commit to buying this game. Just saying…

Excavator Simulator Video Game
Excavator Simulator Video Game

Images: Steam.

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