Hell Architect Video Game Launches on Steam

No one wants to go to Hell. But if you were to go there when your life expired because you have been rather naughty, then this video game developed by Woodland Games and published by Leonardo Interactive called Hell Architect will come in handy.

Hell Architect Video Game Launches on Steam

Hell Architect may prep you for a career in hell as an, well, architect of Hell, of course. Just kidding. It will not prep you for the wrath of Lucifer, but ya never know…

In Hell Architect, you assume the role of an architect of Hell (lucky you!) with the task of crafting new prisons for the lost souls and sinners who have found themselves in the hottest realm ever (not in a good way, btw).

Long story short, it is a simulation game… with a hellish twist. You’d managing resources and exploit the sinners to make sure Hell is running like a well-oiled machine.

Hell Architect Video Game Launches on Steam

Not only your actions will be under the watchful eye of Lilith from the HR department (try to keep your pants up!), but you have to get recognition of the big boss of the place of eternal damnation in the Underworld, Lucifer, in order to, erm, climb down the hellish corporate ladder.

Here are the features, straight from the horse’s mouth:

Create the Hell of your dreams: Flex your creative muscles to design, build and furnish 9 infamous levels of Hell in the single-player campaign mode, or spend a hellish eternity designing your own chaotic masterpiece from scratch in sandbox mode.
• If you build it, they will suffer!: Begin with basic buildings like power stations (yup they need those in Hell too!) and canteens for your hungry workers and expand your empire to include shrines and intricate torture contraptions to increase the level of suffering for your weary residents. 
Management is key: Harvesting resources, building infrastructure, and expanding your Hell will be key in your success. A constant stream of new lost souls will provide more hands to use but will require managing to keep them working.
Crack the whip: Treat the sinners sent to your humble abode to different fun (or not so fun) sources of suffering, be it punishing them for disobedience or just for fun. Your Hell, your choices. 
Hell never looked so good: The stylish 2D art style perfectly blends with the brutal, gory themes and is topped off with outstanding dark humor.
Guest appearances: Play as Legendary Characters, a motley crew of history’s most despicable sinners who drop into your domain, each possessing special abilities to help build your devilish masterpiece.

Well, what can I say? Hell Architect sure sounds like a hell of fun (not that I fancy going there (but I probably will ugh)).

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You can now start crafting the hell of your dreams (or nightmare!) as Hell Architect launches on PC via Steam and GOG.com for US$24.99. While we are on the price… you may want to know that for a limited time, you can purchase the game at a 15% discount, for US$21.24. You know what to do if you want to experience what it is like to have a career in hell…

Images: Leonardo Interactive.