In addition to an actual video game console, mini or the original classic, fans of Nintendo can expand their love for one of the world’s most iconic video game consoles, the Nintendo Entertainment System 64 or NES 64, to your mechanical keyboard with the MMi Keycaps Retro TV Console Artisan Keycap.

MMi Keycaps Retro TV Console Artisan Keycap

The beloved console from the 80s has been turned into a keycap by MMi Keycaps. Though it is not licensed and hence the lack of branding. It’d be a reminder to us of the golden age of video gaming before WASD became the norm.

The MMi Keycaps Retro TV Console Artisan Keycap is hand-molded with an impossible amount of details, right down to the color-accurate RCA outputs on the side, and controller ports, and despite it not having the correct aspect ratio, the resemblance to the original console is uncanny – thanks to the two-tone colorway, the chambered lower section and the super iconic slats on a section at the top.

“MMi Keycaps used a combination of epoxy resin for high-relief molding and acrylic paint with a semi-matte varnish finish to hand-detail each artisan with all of the NES’s nuances. Plus, thanks to a height under half an inch, this little keycap sits nice and flush alongside the rest of your set—bringing nostalgia and style to your board in one fell swoop.”

MMi Keycaps Retro TV Console Artisan Keycap

The keycap is 1u-mounted and is compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones. If you own a mechanical keyboard and is a super fan of retro video game console, the MMi Keycaps Retro TV Console Artisan Keycap is a must-have.

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And if you are down, you may pick up this retro-licious keycap off at a discounted price of US$35 (U.P. US$50). But there’s a catch. It has 6 days left to gather over 25 buyers to make it a go. It is kind of like crowdfunding. If there are enough buyers, the product will ship on March 31, 2023, PT.

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