Deployable Swing Set by Sufficiently Advanced

Remember Allen Pan? Yeah, that dude who made magnetic Mjolnir and one of the contenders of the new Mythbusters. In his Secret Santa project organized by Kids Invent Stuff, he had created a super cool, deployable swing set.

Yes. A swing, deployed in a very Batman fashion. I hate to make the Batman reference, but hey, you have admit, no character, fictional or otherwise, is more synonymous with grappling hooks than the cape crusader.

Anywho, Deployable Swing Set by Sufficiently Advanced is basically a swing set that turns any strong enough tree branch into a swing. It was as simple as that and yet, super cool. I mean, having a go at swing was never a very grownup or manly thing, but boy, have the deployable grappling hooks changed everything.

Skip ahead to see how Allen Pan put together the swing set and also, check out Colin’s reaction to his mystery present sent from the state by Allen.

Images: YouTube (Sufficiently Advanced/Colin Furze).