Train plays quite a significant part in the Evangelion franchise. OK. It is an unlikely place where some of Shinji’s emotions were revealed. So, it kind of makes sense to have a collaboration between some train with Evangelion. And the ‘some train’ is Aonami Line.

Aonami Line x Evangelion Train

Why didn’t Studio Khara worked with the Bullet Train like Hello Kitty did? Well then, that wouldn’t be as fitting, would it? But that’s just purely my speculation.

Anyhoo, to commemorate the release of the fourth and last movie of the Evangelion tetralogy, the trains on the Aonami Line plying between Nagoya and Kinjo-futo stations are temporary decorated with the First Child Rei Ayanami.

Aonami Line x Evangelion Train

The limited-edition ride [PDF][JP] (strange to be saying this, TBH) started on March 13 and will end on May 31, 2021.

Along with the Rei-deco train cars, paper tickets issued for the train ride will also sport Rei and Unit-00, and there is a poster printed on sturdy paper, according to SoraNews24 There are more.

There is a mobile app that lets fans digitally interact with the stops and explore a city’s historical sites as well as registered shops.

Aonami Line x Evangelion Train

And then there are a number merchandises too, including a case for the train pass, a lanyard, poster-like clear file, and shopping bag. Wait… hang on, it looks the merchandises are gone. They were on sale until March 28. Strange that those products aren’t available through out the promo period.

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Images: Nagoya Rinkai Rapid Transit.

Source: SoraNews24.

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