While some people enjoy stepping on LEGO bricks, most people don’t. The pain is excruciating to say the least. Thankfully, LEGO has a solution to this painful problem. No, the solution isn’t the LEGO slippers. That’s so yesterday and low-tech.

The Danish toy maker is targeting at the root cause: the bricks. It has “revealed” SmartBricks. SmartBricks are LEGO bricks that are able too sense incoming feet and move out of the way before you step on them.

LEGO SmartBricks April’s Fool Prank

The magical part is, they look identical to the existing LEGO bricks. The magic enabler is near-field technology found embedded in the core of each brick. LEGO claim that this technology can detect downwards motion of feet from 20 cm away, thus affording the brick time to get out your feet’s way.

OK. SmartBricks are not real. I mean, it is way too obvious it isn’t. But being this obvious is what makes this April’s Fool day prank so brilliant. In fact, anyone in the right mind should have saw the red flag by the eighth sentence of this post, or from the post title itself.

]We have a good giggle and that what’s matters. Here, have a look at the SmartBrick’s teaser video:

Images: LEGO Group.

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