What has Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster got to do with the world’s most famous kaiju, Godzilla? Nothing. But no association does not stop Texas-based artist/sculptor Gabriel Marquez from unleashing his wildest imagination: Shin Cookiezilla.

Shin Cookiezilla Resin Statue by Gabriel Marquez

As the name of this wonderful mashup implies, Shin Cookiezilla is Cookie Monster as 2016’s Japanese movie, Shin Godzilla – complete with the life form on its tail (is that you Glover???).

Nobody asked for this, but it turned out awesome anyways. Like, who would have thought Cookie Monster is such a natural as Gojira?

Shin Cookiezilla Resin Statue by Gabriel Marquez

The hand-painted resin statue, which stands 11.25 inches (28.6 cm) tall, was put on sale on Bottleneck Gallery last year and had a limited run of just 400 copies. It was, naturally, sold out.

However, last month, Gabriel revealed that Bottleneck Gallery will be putting a few more up for sale. Though we are not exactly clear if it already happened because, the product page now indicated it as sold out.

Shin Cookiezilla Resin Statue by Gabriel Marquez

Not sure if the ‘sold out’ was for last two editions which was sold out in an hour, or god forbids, the newest release. If you interested, be sure to get yourself signed up with Bottleneck Gallery to be notified of the latest product availability.

In case anyone’s wondering, Gabriel Marquez did not stop at Shin Cookiezilla. Earlier this year, the man also revealed an in-development Godzilla statue, called Cookiezilla – Bigmoth.

Bigmoth Cookiezilla Resin Statue by Gabriel Marquez

Bigmoth is Big Bird as, I believe, Mothra. In this piece, Bigmoth is seen perched onto of a different version of Cookiezilla. And no surprise here, Bigmoth looks just as awesome.

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If you are keen in Marquez’s works, be sure to check out his Instagram page and follow the man on Twitter.

Images: Bottleneck Gallery/Instagram (@gabrielmarquezsculptor).

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