Ampere Dusk Smart Sunglasses

The brightness of the sun is never constant. It may be bright. It may not super bright but still glaring. Regular sunglasses will not be able to keep up with the varying degrees of brightness. This is where Ampere Dusk Smart Sunglasses want to make a difference.

Ampere Dusk Smart Sunglasses

Dusk is no ordinary pair of eyewear; it is the world’s first pair of app-enabled electrochromic smart sunglasses with a full tint range. You can adjust the tin in split second by pressing the button on the frame or using the Ampere app.

It features, well, electrochromic lenses that are polarized for enhanced clarity. In addition, the lenses also block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Those are not it. Like Bose Frames, it also has open-ear audio with an integrated microphone, thus allowing you to enjoy music, take calls, and use the voice assistant. The onboard speakers are directional which means audio is for your ears only.

This high-tech eyewear is presented in the classic Wayfarer-style and it is IPX4 rated. The built-in battery, which supports fast-charging, boasts up to 7 days of pairing time, or 4 hours of active listening on a single charge.

Up to 40 hours of listening time is possible when used with the optional charging case (US$69). The latter also features an Apple AirTag holder, so you can track the case too. Snazzy. Speaking of tracking, the smart eyewear itself also features a built-in alarm that you can trigger using the Ampere app to give an audio cue of its whereabouts in the event you misplace it.

Ampere Dusk Smart Sunglasses

The Ampere Dusk Smart Sunglasses is available now for US$295. There is also a more affordable Dusk Lite model which does away with the audio and microphone, selling for US$195.

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Images: Ampere.