If there’s one person who knows sunglasses, it would be someone who practically lives by it. Professional skier and two times Olympic Gold Medalist,Ted Ligety, is one such person. He has co-founded SHRED, an optic company that, like many before it, wants to take a stab at an industry dominated by a handful of big brand names. The company’s first sunglasses not only looks cool, but also boasts non-industry norm liquid-cast urethane lenses. Not surprising for the demand on the materials used, after all, the other founder is the guru of materials, Carlo Salmini, who himself is a materials engineering hailed from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

SHRED Liquid-cast Urethane Lenses Sunglasses

For the uninitiated, CR39, or polycarbonate, is the material of choice even on high lenses, which is prone to distortion. Liquid-cast urethane, on the other hand, is not. Not only does it not have distortion, it also boasts impact resistance and durability, all while promising unparalleled optical clarity and contrast in a lightweight package. The lightweight package is partly attributed by the partially bio-based NoWeight frame which SHRED said 37.5 percent lighter over traditionally structured frames while maintaining extreme flexibility. In addition, liquid-cast urethane lenses have excellent scratch and shatter resistance properties, making it suited for various outdoor activities.

SHRED Liquid-cast Urethane Lenses Sunglasses

Speaking of activities, SHRED is for every activities, even when you are just strolling the sidewalks in the city – thanks to a SHRED-developed technology called Contrast Boosting Lens (CBL) technology that enhances the definition, contrast and making what you see more vivid. With CBL, it lets you see nuances that would otherwise escape detection with traditional lenses. Rounding up the package are NoSlip rubber nose pads and NoSlip temple tips, to ensure a secure and no abrasive fit.

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You can find SHRED’s liquid-cast urethane lenses sunglasses on Kickstarter where a pledge of $110 or more will secure you a pair. However, as if any Kickstarter endeavor, the fate of the product is dependent on the funding outcome. It does have a good odd though. It has 28 more days on the calendar and it is nearly funded. Keep going for the product pitch video.

SHRED Liquid-cast Urethane Lenses Sunglasses

SHRED Liquid-cast Urethane Lenses Sunglasses

SHRED Liquid-cast Urethane Lenses Sunglasses

Images courtesy of SHRED.

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