Porsche Design Custom-Built Timepiece Program

Never mind if you never thought of owning a timepiece that matches your beloved fast car aesthetically because, Porsche believe that you may want one and therefore, the automaker is offering you to chance to do so.

Porsche Design Custom-Built Timepiece Program

Folks, this is the Porsche Design Custom-Built Timepiece Program. It’s a program in which you can pick up a Porsche Design wrist watch customized to your personal liking – just the way you would with a Porsche car.

I believe this is the first in the auto industry and possibly the first for the timepiece industry too. So, yeah. Porsche bringing its car personalization to its watch.

Saved for the movement (which is Porsche Design WERK 01.100), most aspect of the Porsche Design watch can be customized.

Porsche Design Custom-Built Timepiece Program

You will be able to chose the color of titanium case and dial, select the material and color of the wrist strap, and even dictate the design and color of the automatic movement rotor. All told, there are around 1.5 million possible combinations.

What this means is, you can choose the case color that matches your car and if you so desire, opt for leather strap with a color that matches your car’s interior. Speaking leather strap, it will feature decorative stitching adopted from Porsche’s vehicle production. Now, that’s dope.

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Those are not it. A message, name or the chassis number can be engraved on the bottom of the timepiece too.

Porsche Design Custom-Built Timepiece Program

Porsche Design Custom-Built Timepiece Program has already kicked off in Germany and it will arrive in the U.K. and the U.S. this September.

Customers who are interested can do so through the web-based Porsche Design Timepieces Configurator, or even better, design and order their personalized chronograph as part of the vehicle consulting process at participating Porsche Centers, or together with the experts at Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur in Zuffenhausen. Obviously, the latter option is for customers in Germany.

All images courtesy of Porsche AG.