Most IKEA products required some form of assembly. That’s no news, but this, this IS NEWS because, this is an edible milk chocolate product from IKEA that also requires assembly. Yes. You heard that right. It is a flat packed chocolate bunny, officially called IKEA VÅRKÄNSLA Milk Chocolate Bunny. Here’s the official product description:

“Go ahead, play with your food! That’s what this certified sustainable chocolate bunny is for. It’s easily assembled, only three parts. And when you’re finished playing, we bet you’ll enjoy eating it, too.”

IKEA Flat Pack Chocolate Bunny

That feels weird. I mean, usually after you assembled an IKEA product, you get to use it, but not this one. This one ends up in your, or your kids, stomach. I see no point in assembling then. Might as well split it three ways and chomp it down. IKEA suggested that it can be used as Easter decoration, or eaten straight away. Too early for the former at this point, I guess, so it means storing it in our guts it is. The chocolate bunny comes in at 0.198-lb (3 oz.) and contains 30 percent cocoa.

The cocoa used is UTZ certified, btw, which means it hails from sustainable farming standards and good conditions for workers, so you’d be consuming it without guilt, save for the calories you are putting into yourself. You can still find IKEA VÅRKÄNSLA at IKEA going for $4.29 a pop.

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Just heard from wife that she saw this on some IKEA leaflet. Looks like I have been keeping an eye on marketing materials sent to us. I really should. Oh well…

Images: IKEA USA.

Source: Reddit (u/Sir_Wheat_Thins).

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