Sun, Shade, Sun, Shade, Sun, then Shade again. Sounds familiar? Well, it will be if you are an active person doing activities like cycling or running in the late afternoon. You can beat the glaring sun with sunglasses, but you’d be in the dark when you enter a shady area. Kind of annoying, isn’t it? Not if you have CTRL One LCD Tint Changing Glasses. As the product name suggests, it is as high as a pair of sunglasses can get. As opposed to transition lenses, CTRL One switches from clear and tinted and vice versa in split second (0.1 second, to be precise).

CTRL One LCD Tint Changing Glasses

With CTRL One, it is either clear or tinted unlike typical transition lenses which transitions rather slowly and you don’t want that as the period of transition may interfere with your vision in fast pace sports like cycling. Originally developed for the military, this technology has since been in adopted by consumer products, namely motorcycle helmets, and now, as a pair of eyewear. CTRL One has two modes of operation: automatic (threshold can be set by you) and manual. The latter can be activated/deactivated via a switch found on the underside of the left temple.

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Also embedded in the left temple is the rechargeable battery that offers up to 70 hours of usage. As for the lenses, they are bulletproof ballistic lens, anti-reflective coated and anti-fog, and provides 100% UV blocking. Finally, an adjustable nose pad and temples ensure perfect fit for virtually any face type. Each pair of CTRL One LCD Tint Changing Glasses comes with a handsome hard cover carry case, a micro fiber carrying/cleaning bag, a strap, and of course, a micro USB charging cable. Want one? Then you may want to consider securing a pair on Indiegogo for discounted price of $200 (delivery is sometime this month). Go check it out.

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