2023 marks the 40 years of G-Shock. In addition to the many celebratory timepieces like the Clear Remix, the Bodega-touched DW5600, and more to celebrate the 40 glorious years, there is a book that chronicles the 40 years of absolute toughness, aptly called, G-Shock: 40 Years Of Absolute Toughness (ISBN: 978-0-8478-7318-0) for collectors and fans to pore over.

G-Shock: 40 Years Of Absolute Toughness by Ariel Adams

Authored by the founder of the influential watch blog, aBlogtoWatch, Ariel Adams, the book is a visually stunning hardcover with 256 pages that presents a captivating chronicle of the pioneering watch’s evolution, impact, and influence on global culture.

The journey of G-SHOCK began during a time when wristwatches were perceived as delicate instruments. It was the brainchild of a young engineer, Kikuo Ibe, who aspired to create a “drop-resistant” timepiece. Project Team Tough was established in 1981 to bring this vision to life, and after two years and 200 prototypes, the resilient and shock-resistant G-SHOCK watch emerged.

This captivating volume delves into the history, spirit, and evolution of this iconic watch, showcasing how its form, function, and continuous innovation have solidified it as a symbol of durability and endurance. Worn by a diverse array of individuals, from professional athletes and military personnel to skateboarders, surfers, musicians, and entertainers, G-SHOCK transcends boundaries in sports, design, music, and popular culture.

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G-Shock: 40 Years Of Absolute Toughness by Ariel Adams

Chapters within this book provide insight into the watch’s technological advancements, offering a glimpse behind the scenes at the brand’s R&D facilities in Japan. It also highlights the brand’s collaborations with sports figures, fashion designers, musicians, and artists, including luminaries such as pro-surfer Kanoa Igarashi, musician Kid Cudi, designers Takashi Murakami and Nigo, and fashion brands like BAPE, Kith, Stüssy, Maison Margiela, and Supreme.

Reflecting the essence of “Absolute Toughness,” G-SHOCK’s profound connections with its collaborators and collectors make this book an essential addition for watch enthusiasts and design aficionados alike.

The G-Shock: 40 Years Of Absolute Toughness by Ariel Adams (ISBN: 978-0-8478-7318-0) is available now from Rizzoli and on GShock.casio.com, for US$65 a pop.

G-Shock: 40 Years Of Absolute Toughness by Ariel Adams

Images: Casio/Rizzoli [US].

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