Hermès Laundromat Services For Hermès Scarves in Paris and New York

If you have a collection of Hermès scarves that are already looking ‘old’? Well, don’t cast them away, because Hermès now offers luxury laundromat services, called Hermès Pop-up Service, that promised to rejuvenate those ‘old’ scarves, making them look as good as new. And mind you, these aren’t ordinary washers. Each washer features a “three expert colour-reviving wash cycles” (denim blue, bright red or fuchsia) which, after 48 hours of the HermèsMatic dip-dye treatment, your freshly rejuvenated scarves will be presented to you folded and wrapped in brown paper package. The best part about this service is, it is free. I know, it is hard to believe, but it is indeed free and part of the Parisian fashion label’s effort for sustainable fashion.

Hermès Laundromat Services For Hermès Scarves in Paris and New York

While it is free, Hermès hasn’t forget that you will need something to do in between (apart from staring at your phone while seated on the provided color-matched chair and therefore, it has put a side dedicated to selling you more scarves. Clever. This is a place where you can get your hands on some of the label’s vintage dip-dye scarves, including Brides de gala, Quadrige, Festival des amazones, Les Clés printed classics. For the uninitiated, this is not the first time Hermès is doing this. HermèsMatic Pop-up Service started since last year and it is only now that the fashion label is extending it to Paris and New York. But it won’t be there forever; the HermèsMatic Paris Pop-up Service will be open for business from June 7-17 at its flagship store.

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As for New York’s, it will run from June 14-18.

H/T: Luxury Launches.