Forget about regular old gaming steering wheels. If you want to feel truly behind the wheel of a 911 GT3 Cup, or any real racing car when playing racing simulation games on a PC, you will want this gaming steering wheel: the Porsche Gaming Steering Wheel 911 GT3 Cup – Limited.

Porsche Gaming Steering Wheel 911 GT3 Cup - Limited

The new Porsche Gaming Steering Wheel offers the authentic feel of a 911 GT3 Cup steering wheel, meticulously developed in collaboration with Porsche engineers and GT drivers. Crafted by the original manufacturer using time-tested materials, this steering wheel delivers a genuine racing experience. The materials are not only durable, having withstood years of racing, but also provide exceptional grip.

The wheel’s remarkable rigidity ensures that every in-game vibration, curb, and bump feels incredibly lifelike, while its lightweight design ensures exceptional responsiveness. This makes it an ideal choice for both dedicated gamers and cup drivers or teams aiming to enhance their on-road performance.

Featuring a USB port and plug-and-play compatibility, this steering wheel seamlessly integrates with popular PC simulation games. The standard spacer is compatible with most common wheel bases. Its housing is constructed from high-quality carbon and boasts a premium satin finish. The twelve front buttons and two rear buttons offer functionality mirroring that of the actual GT3 Cup. Plus, you can backlight the keys using a power bank or socket, with adjustable brightness settings.

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Porsche Gaming Steering Wheel 911 GT3 Cup - Limited

Limited to just 150 units, this gaming steering wheel is a rare collector’s item that comes with a matching stand designed by Studio F. A. Porsche, complete with an exclusive limited-edition plaque.

But before you pull out your credit card, you ought to know that this thing costs a bunch of greenbacks; we are talking about as much as a used car, at US$10,475. But to be fair, this ain’t just a gaming controller; it is also a sweet display piece to show your love for the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.

If money is no object and you really gotta have one, then be sure to act on it quickly. 150 isn’t a big number. Also, it is worth noting that the Porsche Gaming Steering Wheel 911 GT3 Cup – Limited is a pre-order that Porsche will fulfill starting on December 2023. Can I just say that this will make a perfect companion to the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Rear Spoiler Shelf? It really does.

Porsche Gaming Steering Wheel 911 GT3 Cup - Limited
Porsche Gaming Steering Wheel 911 GT3 Cup - Limited

Images: Porsche Design.

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