Bat Mirror lets you play out your fantasy as the Dark Knight

Katz Bat Mirror 544x418px
(image credit: Katz) Bat Mirror | €290.00 |

what? a mirror featured here??? yeah but this isn’t just any other mirror. at a glance, it looks to be just another gothic, arty wall mirror but if you scrutinize closely, the mirror is actually the Batman logo. if Batman has a mirror, it would probably look something like this. not a bad idea cos’ the Dark Knight can check out how he looks before he heads out to bash up the villains. you know, life ain’t a bed of roses for a public figure like Batman and even a superhero needs to look sharp, don’t they? well, you can do the same too for just €290 (about US$412). i mean, just ‘the looking into the mirror’ part, the ‘bash-up-the-villians’ part is entirely optional.
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designed by Stanislav Katz, this neo-rococo mirror is hand-molded from plaster and measures a huge 90 x 78 x 8 centimeters (with a pretty hefty 10 kg). also available in white or gold but if psychedelic colors is your kind of thing, Katz can do custom colors upon request too. there’s a Bat Coathanger coming soon too, just in case you are keen in accessorizing your humble abode with more superhero-inspired stuffs.

Katz via Baller House

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