Boston Dynamics Spot Arm

When Boston Dynamics finally put up its robotic dog, Spot, on sale, it is relegated for inspection and patrol duties. The ability to manipulate objects, including opening of doors, seen in 2018 was never introduced. Well, that was until last week.

Boston Dynamics Spot Arm
It can’t lift a cinder block, but it drag it.

The Hyundai-owned robotic company finally introduces the arm attachment, thus opening up the possibility of Spot handing objects. With the Spot Arm, it can now be programmed to do tasks like picking up trash, tidy the room, operate switches and valves, and even tend the garden and of course, open doors.

Boston Dynamics said the “motion of the hand, arm and body are automatically coordinated to simply manipulation tasks and expend the arm’s workspace.”

Boston Dynamics Spot Arm

In a video posted by the robotic company on YouTube, it shows Spot manipulating its new found limb based on a routine programmed using a new API for mobile manipulation that supports autonomy and user applications, as well as tablet that lets user do remote operations.

In other words, the arm’s action can be manual, semi-automated or fully automated.

Go head have a look at Spot Arm in action. You can also learn more about Spot Arm HERE.

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Images: Boston Dynamics/YouTube (Boston Dynamics).