Jeff Bezos Walked A Robotic Dog at MARS 2018

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, tweeted an image of him walking a robotic dog with a comment “taking my new dog for a walk at the MARS2018 conference.” If you don’t already know, the robot dog is the same famous nightmare-inducing, robotic canine, SpotMini, that has been seen opening door to let itself out. Bezos was out at Palm Springs, California, attending an invitation-only event on Machine learning, home Automation, Robotics and Space exploration (and hence, the acronym MARS), an annual event organized by, you guessed it, Amazon.

As such, to have a robot dog in tow seems like a fitting thing to do. Anywho, the Amazon’s head honcho did more than just having the high-tech pet at his side; he had, reportedly, led a mini robot parade too. Bezos may be heading an online retail giant, but he has, in recent years, established himself as a tech guru of sort. He even found himself piloting the world’s first drivable biped robot, the Hankook Mirae’s Method-2, at last year’s MARS event. You know what? I think Richard M. Browning may not be the real-life Tony Stark. Rather, I think it could be Jeff Bezos.

Who knows what this billionaire entrepreneur may be whipping up in his high-tech garage. Actually, I do not know if he has a high-tech. I am just speculating that he might have one like Marvel’s Tony Stark. You know, complete with an AI called, Alexa? Maybe?

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Image: Jeff Bezos.

via Market Watch.