Boston Dynamics Spot Robot

Robot dog is here to help in your work. How? I don’t know. That’s for you to figure out. I am just letting you know that if you need a robot dog that is built with industrial use in mind, Boston Dynamics is finally ready to sell you its Spot, the headless robot dog.

By now, most of us should be familiar with Spot. Spot would be the four-legged robot dog-like robot that knows how to open the door to let itself out and the thing is, it doesn’t even need to pee or poop. So what can you do with Spot? Well, here’s the answer:

“Spot is an agile mobile robot that you can customize for a wide range of applications. The base platform provides rough-terrain mobility, 360 degree obstacle avoidance, and various levels of navigation, remote control and autonomy. You can customize Spot by adding specialized sensors, software and other payloads. Early customers are already testing Spot to monitor construction sites, provide remote inspection at gas, oil and power installations, and in public safety.”

Awww… not as a pet? Of course, not. Whatever it is, rest assure Spot will be way more useful than Aibo. In other words, it isn’t built for entertainment like Sony’s robot canine. Boston Dynamics has recently make the launch official with a launch video which you can view below.

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Image: YouTube (BostonDynamics).