For some reasons, American bank Wells Fargo thought that drawing money at ATMs without a card is a good idea. The company has announced late last month that it has upgraded all of its 13,000 ATMs with card-free ATMs. Wells Fargo says it wants customers to have more options and hence, the move to provide an alternative to plastic cards. To back the move, the company highlighted a scenario where a lady forgot her wallet at home, but thanks to her phone and the card-free ATM, she was able to withdraw money to pay for her gas money. True story, apparently.

When i first read it, I thought it was a brilliant idea, but that was until I realized that inserting a plastic card and punching a few numbers, or NFC payment like Android or Apple Pay, could be faster than the steps required to obtained the one-time access code necessary to use the ATM. Trust me, it sounds more like a hassle than a convenience. Though I have to agree it is a novel way and also, if you happen to find yourself in the situation like the example cited above, then maybe, just maybe, it will be useful. But seriously, for the love of everything, check your wallet, phone, keys and everything before you leave your house – no matter how rush you may be because sometimes, the hassle of forgetting something is never worth rush.

Anywho, as far as Wells Fargo is concerned, card-free ATM is just a start. The company also plan to incorporate “tap and pay” technology so that customers with NFC-enabled smartphone can make ATM-based transactions using their preferred mobile wallet (such as Wells Fargo Wallet, Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Samsung Pay). But of course, even then, you are expected to input your ATM Card PIN, you know, for security’s sake; what the NFC does is merely replacing your card. We have to admit, with the NFC method, at least you will save yourself the hassle of pulling out the wallet, which in today’s context, is a more daunting task than whipping out a phone. Sad but true.

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Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

Wells Fargo via psfk.

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