Yaw2 Motion Simulator and Smart Chair

Remember the affordable, fully functional VR motion simulator? Well, the guys are back with a new motion simulator called Yaw2. This time, it is not just merely a motion simulator; it is a smart chair too, suitable for both work and relaxation.

Yaw2 Motion Simulator and Smart Chair

When not gaming, it can serve as a workstation with tabletop space large enough for a laptop, keyboard or mouse. Yaw2 is concerned about user’s health too. With built-in vibration timer, you will be reminded of schedule break times.

Moreover, it has a posture correcting assistance that automatically adjusts the chair’s position with subtle movements to keep your back and neck in constant motion, so that, you know, you won’t suffer from stiff joints and muscles for staying in the same position for long period of time.

Yaw2 Motion Simulator and Smart Chair

Plus, with the Yaw2, you have the liberty to replace the seat to one that you are most comfortable with.

As for relaxation function, it basically lets you lean back and zone out, and if you so desire, there are built-in relaxation programs to help ease stress.

Work and relaxation aside, the Yaw2 is, at its core, a VR motion simulator that boasts a robust, modular construction and offers 2DOF (2 degrees of freedom) to 6DOF.

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Perhaps most importantly, it promised to be “affordable”. However, it is not clear how “affordable” is “affordable”.

If you are interested, be sure to get yourself signed up to be notified when Yaw2 Motion Simulator and Smart Chair hits up Kickstarter in about two weeks time.

Images: Yaw VR.