Bluelounge Sumo stops wrestling with your cables

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(photos: Bluelounge) Bluelounge Sumo | US$11.95 |

remember the time when you unplug your laptop and smartphone, and the cables starting falling off the edge of the desk? frustrating, eh? it may seems like a trivia issue but i think we can do better than to watch our cables fall off to the floor, and that ‘do better’ part comes in the form of Sumo from Bluelounge. a nifty but hefty cable management device that is designed to place on your desk, tabletop or workstation to prevent cables from falling off the edge. its hefty 220-grams weight and dual micro-suction cups underneath will hold your cables to the desk, and yet allows for easy repositioning, if desired. each Sumo can only takes two cables but at just $11.95 a pop, i am sure you can get a couple of these to keep your desk top organized. plus, its clean, minimalist design would definitely not look out of place on any modern tabletop. it certainly beats having your cable coming from all over the desk edge. since we still have to live with cables for quite sometime, the Sumo is perhaps the perfect solution to reduce the clutter for now. more images of the Sumo after the break.
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