I not quite sure why the weight of a gaming mouse matters. I mean, it’s not like you lift up or anything, is it? In case it does bother you, then you may want to check out the Glorious Model O from Glorious PC Gaming Race. Described as an extreme lightweight gaming mouse, Glorious Model O sports a copious amount of holes on it, both on top and under the mouse, in an effort to keep the weight down. The result is “the world’s lightest gaming mouse” weighing just 67g.

Glorious Model O Lightweight Gaming Mouse

67g. Just take moment for that to sink it. To put things in perspective, this mouse actually weighs less than half of a typical smartphone. It is indeed gloriously lightweight. But it is the one peripheral that trypophobics may want to look away. Thankfully, those holes are hexagonal in shape (the company refers to as HoneyComb Shell) which may not trigger the fear of holes if you are just inflicted with a mild case of trypophobia like myself.

In addition to shaving weight off the mouse, the holes allow for ventilation that keeps your palm cool. Anywho, what’s the use of being the lightest gaming mouse when the cable is going to weight it down, right? As such, Glorious Model O is paired to a 2 meter (6.5 feet) proprietary braided cable that is ultra-flexible and super lightweight to offer “wireless feel.”

Glorious Model O Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Other notables include Pixart PMW-3360 sensor (12,000 DPI max, 50G acceleration, 250+ IPS tracking speed), premium G-Skates for ultra smooth glide, Omron mechanical switches that are rated for 20-freaking-million clicks, dedicated DPI indicator that uses color to indicate current DPI setting, and built-in 16.8 million color with 8 effects to choose from.

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Glorious Model O Lightweight Gaming Mouse sells for $49.99 and it is available on Glorious PC Gaming Race website.

Images: Glorious PC Gaming Race.

H/T: Kotaku.

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