F1 2012 – The Official Video Game

F1 2012 - The Official Video Game
F1 2012 – The Official Video Game | £45.00 | www.formula1.com

the F1 2012 season is far from over but you can get prepared for the post-season celebration with the F1 2012 – The Official Video Game, available to pre-order for £45 (US$72.48). like most popular games, it is available for PC, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation. the game features all the official teams, drivers and circuits from the 2012 FIA Formula One World Championship, including the new leg in United States in Austin, Texas (scheduled to be in November, if you don’t already know) and the return to Germany’s famous Hockenheim circuit. other highlights include wide range of technical and gameplay advancements, and extensive competitive and co-operative multiplayer components. you probably still dreaming of becoming a real Formula 1 racer but why put yourself through the intense cardio, strict diet and having to suffer from jet lag traveling from country to country, and still having to answer stupid questions from the media when you could do it without the paparazzi hounding you and in the comfort of your own home? plus, the graphics today is so immersive that you won’t know the difference. racing gear and simulator are entirely up to your discretion and at your own cost.

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