Juliet Marine Systems GHOST

Juliet Marine Systems GHOST
Juliet Marine Systems GHOST | US$na | julietmarine.com

you won’t be able buy one, much less ride in one, well, unless you are in the U.S. Navy or something but also, that would take quite a while to realize. what you see here is the world’s first “super-cavitating” craft known as GHOST, a vehicle that looks like it has been taken right out of a science friction movie and it has the technology to match that notion too. developed by New Hampshire-Based Juliet Marine Systems, in conjunction with the U.S. Government, the GHOST is a combination of a boat and a sub-surface vessel that is capable of “flying” through an artificial underwater gaseous environment with 900 times less hull friction than water, which translates to a faster and yet fuel-saving, sea-faring vessel. it combines the defense industry’s technologies on stealth fighter aircraft and attack helicopters and essentially, packing them into a marine platform. the concept is straightforward: it don’t want to be seen. it is designed with Fleet Force Protection in mind which would see it protecting vessels from threats such as pirates and sea-borne terrorisms.

in this way, the GHOST could take on what today”s larger vessels do, thus allowing the Navy to free up their larger assets where they could be deploy to other more appropriate missions that their size and armaments are designed for. this unique vehicle could be configured for a variety of missions and is capable of being equipped with a host of arsenals such as Mark 48 torpedoes, heavy armaments and sensors that will give it an edge in situation awareness. though it has a seemingly Military-orientated application, the GHOST can actually be adapted to commercial uses such as ferrying of crews or carry out resupply runs to and from offshore oil rigs that has been traditionally executed by regular craft and/or helicopter, doing it at a much faster speed than a standard watercraft while having lesser weather restrictions as opposed to using helicopters. so there you have it, a near-future vessel that could help strike fear in pirates, as well as watching the backs of the defense fleet while they concentrate in executing their duties. if you were in the service, you would understand how valuable the GHOST will be to your mission. a few more views after the break.

Juliet Marine Systems via Inhabitat

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