Lotus Evija Electric Car Goodwood Speedweek

The much anticipated all-electric Lotus Evija hypercar revealed last year is set to be produced this year. Before that, the British sports car maker is drumming up its imminent arrival by bringing three pre-production examples to the Goodwood Speedweek in the U.K.

Lotus Evija Electric Car Goodwood Speedweek

In the process of showing the new Lotus Evija, Lotus Cars impressed the crowds – including Lord March who was the first outside of the engineering team to experience the Evija. Lucky chap! It helps to be rich and famous, innit? For those aren’t aware, Lord March is Charlie, son of the event host, the Duke of Richmond.

Charles was definitely swooned over by the power the Evija possessed and marveled at how much electric cars have advanced over the last decade.

Lotus Evija Electric Car Goodwood Speedweek

Anyhoo… one of the three pre-production examples is coated in an eye-catching Lotus ‘Solaris Yellow’ paint job while two prototypes were seen wrapped in black and gold – a nod to iconic Lotus liveries of the olden days.

I remember seeing the black and gold colors on Lotus Formula race cars. It is a lovely color that’s very nostalgic.

But why are we talking about this? I don’t know. Perhaps, it was the black and gold nostalgia that made us to do it, or maybe it was the stunning Solaris Yellow that hypnotizes us into telling you guys about it. Damn. They are beautiful.

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For those who don’t already know, the Norfolk-based sports car maker is now part of Geely Automotive which parent company, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, owns 49.9% of Proton that previously owned Lotus Cars.

If you desire, you can learn more about the Lotus Evija HERE.

Lotus Evija All-electric Hypercar in Solaris Yellow

Images: Lotus Cars.