Adhoc – a folding canoe that you can pack it up for a hike

Adhoc Folding Canoe 544x348px
(credit: Ori Levin/Tsor Design) Adhoc Folding Canoe | US$tba |

when you hit a river when hiking through the great wilderness, don’t you wish you have a boat with you? lugging a kayak around with you a hike isn’t a practical solution but if Tsor Design has its way, we might just be carrying a canoe on our back next time we hit the great outdoor. meet Adhoc – a foldable full-size canoe that can be folded down to the size of a standard backpack and weighs just 4.1-kilograms. conceived by Israeli designer Ori Levin from Tsor Design, the Adhoc may seems like nothing much but when you hit a river deep in the wilderness, it could be your dream boat. the boat is concocted from various high-tech materials such as carbon fiber for the frame and the hull is of a material called aramid, a heat-resistant synthetic fabric used in racing sails, and can be deployed in around five minutes. we say: make it! i am sure many of us are drooling over it. i for one, will keep a couple handy for 2012. another look at the Adhoc and a short assembly pictorial after the break.
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Adhoc Folding Canoe 544x888px

via Red Ferret / Design Boom

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