At some point, we’d tell ourselves why we bother to feature concept cars when most of them will never make it to production but each time we cannot resist their allure. I mean, just look at the Lincoln Model L100 Concept Electric Vehicle. We know, it will not make it to production as-is, and yet we do not stop ourselves from being wooed by it.

Lincoln Model L100 Concept Electric Vehicle

The Lincoln Model L100 Concept Electric Vehicle is gorgeous. Never mind the fact that there is a lot we do not know about this concept. But we do know it has some out-of-this-world propositions. Propositions like a digital floor which is essentially a display for the floor, a jewel-inspired chess piece controller in the center console in place of a steering wheel, and a full-length hinged glass roof and reverse-hinged doors that together open like a lily.

The drivetrain is not revealed and neither is the battery. All we know is the Lincoln Model L100 Concept is rocking “next-generation battery cell and pack technologies, which will deliver game-changing energy density and enable efficient, structural integration” that affords it such opulence in space. Oh, yes. The front seats can swing around to face the rear passengers because that’s what you do when the car drives itself.

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Lincoln Model L100 Concept Electric Vehicle

In case you haven’t gotten it, the Lincoln Model L100 Concept is about the journey, not the destination, much like Kyocera’s proposition with its own self-driving car. While Kyocera focused on comfort, the Lincoln Model L100 Concept is all about opulence because it is a nod to the marque’s first luxury ride, the Lincoln Model L from a century ago. Also like the Kyocera Moeye, the concept is designed as autonomous from the get-go.

All images courtesy of The Lincoln Motor Company.

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