GPS Watch Phone for Kids

GPS Watch Phone for Kids
GPS Watch Phone for Kids | US$76.69 |

having trouble keeping an eye on your kids? it is hard to be slogging your life out for those measly pay and not having the time to know just exactly what your child is up to. but that was before the GPS Watch Phone for Kids was invented. as the name implies, this sleek-looking analog wrist watch doubles as a mobile phone to keep your child contactable – well, at least that is what it appears to your child, which is the key thing about this watch – not having him or her know that your eyes are on their whereabouts. it features a built-in GPS tracker that lets you track on demand where your little Johnny or Mary or whoever is at any given time. the watch-phone combo can also be preprogrammed to send a text message to the guardian if the child wearing it strays beyond its predefined boundaries. and that’s not all.

another interesting feature is getting the watch to tethered to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, creating a virtual leash that sounds an alarm if the two tethered gadgets are separated more than 10 meters away. excellent idea if you plan on bringing your kid to a carnival or shopping and wants to keep your child close without actually having a real leash on them. additionally, the guardian can choose to preset up to six waypoints and have the watch-phone combo send text alerts the guardian whenever the child enters and leaves a particular spot. in this way, you will know whether he or she have been faithfully attending their piano lessons or tuitions. beyond that, you child only needs to know that they are wearing a cool quad band GSM mobile phone watch (with a creepy set of eyes on the dial face) and he or she can make calls via a Bluetooth headset. the GPS Watch Phone for Kids can be yours to own for $76.69 a pop.

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