We have not-so-good news. The super cool Vintage Look Leather Boxing Glove Bean Bag you see here is gone. Someone has acquired it. Nevertheless, we thought we should go ahead and feature it, why? Because it is freaking cool, that’s why. A creation of Etsy seller Ornald, the Vintage Look Leather Boxing Glove Bean Bag, as its name suggests, is a bean bag that took on the form of an old-school leather boxing glove, complete with eyelets and lace. It is lovingly handcrafted from genuine cow hide and measures around 90 centimeter (about 35 inches) tall.

Vintage Look Leather Boxing Glove Bean Bag

We are not sure if leaning on those eyelets and lace is comfy, but as far as style factor goes, this one definitely takes the cake. Having a giant boxing glove is one thing, having it in distressed look as if it has been through countless bouts, adds to its cool factor. It was sold without fillings to minimize shipping cost. Last check, it is still sold out and there’s no indication if it will be making a comeback. In case it does make a comeback, expect to shell out a good $810 for one. In all seriousness, this is one boxing glove that you don’t need to be a boxer to appreciate.

via The Awesomer

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