sometimes the simplest idea could be a life changer and the iMacompanion is one such example. by its product name, you are probably clueless about what it is. well, it is basically a well crafted product that directs one of your USB port to front. lets face it: though it is nice and neat to have USB ports located at the back of the iMac, it is no fun trying to access it and the truth is, we have at least one device that we would often use the USB port. with this in mind, Wiplabs decided that it is high time to route one to front and doing it elegantly. sure, there are countless USB hubs out in the wild that does the same, but what Wiplabs did with the iMacompanion is actually pretty amazing.

iMacompanion Brings USB Port To The Front

for starter, it is made of aluminum, sandblasted and anodized to seamlessly match your iMac or Apple Cinema Display and thanks to a ultra slim cable measuring a mere 0.01-inch (about 0.25 mm) thin that passes under the foot of the iMac, your USB extension will not clutter your desktop, and further enhanced the seamless look. from afar, it sure looks like it came with the Mac. additionally, the USB port is tilted at an angle, which is a thoughtful design touch that enables easier access to the port when the keyboard is the way. the Wiplabs is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter, seeking to raise 10 grand for the production of the iMacompanion. a pledge of $25 of more will secure yourself one – if the project reaches the set funding goal.

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