2019 Mac Pro owners who have painfully gave the official Mac Pro wheels a miss because they cost 400 bucks, we have good news for you. For a limited time, you can give your Mac Pro the mobility it deserves (if it makes any sense at all) at half of what Apple’s asking and with a little bit of extra.

OWC Rover Pro 2019 Mac Pro Wheel Kit

The OWC Rover Pro 2019 Mac Pro Wheel Kit, as it is called, does not appear to have locking mechanism, but it has one very interesting design feature. It has an ingenious design that will have the wheels on the Mac Pro without removing the original feet and without the need for any tool.

The wheel kit is a patent-pending made in U.S.A design and features 360-degree articulating wheels, non-marking soft rubber tread wheels with low friction bearings, highly-polished stainless-steel finish to match the Mac Pro’s aesthetic, vibration absorbing silicone rubber pad to preserve factory feet finish, and wheel stops to prevent unintended movement.

OWC Rover Pro 2019 Mac Pro Wheel Kit

It may not be as sleek as the Lamborghini of computer wheels that Apple is offering, but it does match the Mac Pro quite perfectly. Plus, with all those features and an asking price of US$199, I think we can’t ask for more, can we?

Now, here’s the thing about the price. The price of US$199 is ONLY IF you pre-order the OWC Rover Pro 2019 Mac Pro Wheel Kit. Then again, the original retail price of US$249.99 is still a lot cheaper than Apple’s.

OWC Rover Pro 2019 Mac Pro Wheel Kit

All images courtesy of OWC.

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