It’s unfortunate that horror filmmaker Jeff Barnaby did not let us in on how he made that wonderful Alien facehugger face mask. However, you may be able to buy one in leather instead, thanks to Pirate’s Leatherworks.

Leather Face Hugger Mask by Pirate’s Leatherworks

As boon, leather face mask looks more comfy and more face conforming. The latter should offer better seal. That said, I do have a concern. Given that leather isn’t is not quite permeable (or may not at all???) and if it has such a good seal, would breathing in one as suffocating as being face hugged by a facehugger? Not that any of us know how that feels it is like be face hugged by this sci-fi creation (thankfully!).

The mask is made from 4-6 oz. vegetable tanned leather and it is completely hand-stitched and dyed before being wet formed into shape.

Leather Face Hugger Mask by Pirate’s Leatherworks

According to Pirate’s Leatherworkslisting on Etsy, the mask is made from a pattern by Leather Hub Patterns on Etsy. If you know your way with leather works, you can buy the pattern from Leather Hub Patterns and DIY one yourself. Otherwise, you can pick this ready-made example from Pirate’s Leatherworks.

But it is not cheap. Be prepare to drop… wait never mind. When I was writing this on draft, it was still available. But by the time I finished, the last piece was snapped up. I guess you will have to reach out to the seller to see if you can custom one for you, or just buy the pattern and ask someone else to make one for you.

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Images: Etsy (Pirate’s Leatherworks).

Source: Technabob.

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