Here’s a chance for petrol heads to own a piece of Ford’s glorious past. Le Mans Coupes Ltd, an UK importer of the Superformance GT40 evocations, is selling replica nose panels of the famed 60s Ford GT40.

The replica nose panels are decorative pieces that should feel right home in man caves, lounges, garages or wherever you desire. Obviously, these nose panels are not pulled from actual cars that competed in the 60s Le Mans races, but they are the closest you will get to owning a real nose panel of the legendary race car.

Making it an even more evocative collectible/decorative piece are the “used” details like race-stained details, for example. But really, since you are dropping the money, you can decide what are the “raced” details that goes on the nose panel.

Ford GT40 Nose Panel by After The Race

The brainchild behind the replica nose panel are Belgian gentleman racer/graphic designer/serial entrepreneur and obvious car nut, Jean-Denis Claessens, and multidisciplinary street artist, Edmond Thonnard aka Pogo.

Collectively, the duo is known as After The Race, an outfit that turn car parts into interior decor-worthy and collectible artwork.

For the Ford GT40 Nose Panel, the team employs unique stencils and real oil to create the most authentic patina possible, so that it’d look like it was pulled from a race car that had just competed in a race.

The Ford GT40 Nose Panel is available by contacting Le Mans Coupes Ltd via the company’s website, But before you do that, you ought to know that it does not come cheap. Expect each artworked body panel to run you back at no less than £3,000 plus VAT (or around $3,923+).

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Images: Le Mans Coupe Ltd.

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