CarAIDE Multi-Tool All-in-One Car Tool

CarAIDE Multi-Tool may resemble the Nitecore Tiny Monster, but it is significantly larger and packs a lot more functions. It is an automotive accessory you want in your car for those unforeseen situations.

CarAIDE Multi-Tool is a gold for when you are lost in the middle of nowhere and your phone is low on juice, or when your car broke down due to flat battery. Wait, what? Flat battery? Surely a flashlight with some fancy, possibly life-saving functions can’t do anything about a conked out car battery?

CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3X All-in-One Car Tool
Top: CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3S; Above: CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3X

Well, as a matter of fact, it can. It can be used as a 12V jump starter for that kind of situation and it packs enough juice to jump-start cars of up to 4L gas motor. Man, battery technology has sure come a long way. We have seen portable battery jump starter in the past, but one as a flashlight? This gotta be the first.

Anywho, so yeah, it also functions as a super bright flashlight and it has SOS light as well as an emergency alarm built into it too. Not surprisingly, it is also power bank for your small gadgets like your smartphones.

But really, I think what really makes this automotive multi-tool shines (pun not intended) is, it is actually a survival gear with built-in thermometer, compass, window breaker, seat belt cutter, hook and there’s an emergency survival rope too.

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Rounding up the package is an industrial magnet for attaching it to any ferrous metal surfaces and a rugged construction that is dirt-, slip-, shock- and water resistant. There are actually two models: the CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3S and a 3X. The former is older model and the latter is the new version.

You can pick up the CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3S from for $119 or the CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3X on Amazon for $118.01. A huge shout out to CarAIDE for clearing the air with regards to the 3S and 3X models.

Images: CarAIDE.

Source: the gadgeteer.