I am pretty sure Tallahassee would love the Torus Praetorian Heavy Duty 4×4 Offroad Bus to replace his flatten The Beast in Zombieland: Double Tap. While it is not exactly designed for post-apocalyptic scenario, the Praetorian sure looks the part. Hell, it would fit right into Mad Max world too.

Torus Praetorian Heavy Duty 4x4 Offroad Bus

Back here in the real world, this “world’s first heavy duty 4×4 off-road bus” is designed to transport personnel and equipment safely across the world’s harshest environments. And I have no doubt about that because, it is, after all, built on an upgraded heavy-duty MAN chassis.

Torus Praetorian Heavy Duty 4×4 Offroad Bus is powered by a 6.9L MAN DLD0836 LFL40 engine, good for 240 horses and 925 Nm (682 lb-ft) of torque, and mated to a 12-speed MAN/ZF semi-automatic transmission.

This Line-X military-grade coated body is definitely not your everyday bus, so are the optional bull bars front and back, and Michelin off-road tires. And then there’s the out-of-the-norm 35 passengers plus equipment payload, and the wide range of configuration to suit different operational requirements.

Nope. Not your usual bus. Most definitely not. Speaking of configuration… Torus Praetorian Heavy Duty 4×4 Offroad Bus can be configured to be a ski bus, an overlander RV, a heavy industry transporter, a fire truck, an ambulance, and a motorsport support vehicle – just to name a few.

Torus Praetorian Heavy Duty 4x4 Offroad Bus

In other words, if you are a prepper and a whole family and lotsa of belongings to pack it in, the Torus Praetorian Heavy Duty 4×4 Offroad Bus is the vehicle you want parked in your driveway.

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Before we go, it is worthy to mention that Torus is a Czech Republic-based company and the Praetorian is the fruit of labor between Torus and independent transportation and industrial designs studio, Werkemotion.

Images: Torus/Werkemotion.

Source: Jalopnik.

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