ClamCase ClamBook

ClamCase ClamBook
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if you use your smartphone like your life depends on it, then it would probably come to a time where you will feel frustrated squinting at the tiny screen. sure, we have huge smartphones around but those can never be as comfortable as a full size laptop screen. we have seen how Motorola’s ATRIX laptop dock has left the rest of the Android and iPhone users green with envy. however, the ClamCase ClamBook Android and iPhone Laptop Dock is set to end the envy non-ATRIX users harbor. sporting an incredibly slim and beautiful aluminum design, the ClamBook offers a 16:9 widescreen LED backlit display, 3D Cinema Sound, a full sized keyboard, a multi-touch trackpad that supports Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich’s multi-touch gestures, and dedicated Android keys for quick access to apps and media control. the ClamBook harnesses the processing power of your smartphone, while the MHL port unifies your smartphone’s audio, video and power, enabling you to enjoy your movies or web on a laptop size screen without the associated heat. oh, did we mention that it charges your smartphone at the same time too? additionally, users of select Motorola smartphones will be able to take advantage of the powerful Motorola’s Webtop application while using them with the ClamBook. price and availability are yet to be advised. click thru for the ClamBook image gallery.

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